• Optische Kontrolle nach Brechung von ganzen Haselnüssen im Labor
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  • Prüfung von Trockenpilzen unterem Mikroskop im Labor
  • Mikrobiologische Untersuchung im Labor
  • Sensorische Prüfung von Mangos im Labor
  • Prüfung von Verpackungsmaterial auf Mineralölrückstände mittels Laborgerät

Striving for perfection. Quality assurance pervades all parts of the company and the entire process.

We live by our quality management as a matter of conviction. Along with the food security regulations, this guarantees a high degree of transparency. Permanent quality controls and monitoring ensure flawless, consistent quality.

The tight controls begin at the point of origin. We thus create an uninterrupted audit trail (from the field to the fork), which we check periodically by auditing our suppliers. Our quality officers and buyers are present on site to assess local conditions themselves in the field. We require all business partners to have their own quality management system, and to meet social, ethical and ecological standards as well as quality stipulations.

These measures are designed to meet the high demands of our customers. In fact, quality products can be taken as one of our trademarks.


Quality assurance

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