Sunray is tradition and progress in one

Sunray is tradition and progress in one, standing for values such as variety, flexibility, enjoyment and reliability for over 105 years and delivering refreshingly innovative solutions.

Under the motto "trade is change", and as a specialist in private-label brands, Sunray develops food products and plays a leading role in organic foods and fair trade. At the same time, we are on the lookout for new raw materials every day and conscientiously cultivate our contacts with trusted suppliers.

The quality we promise customers who entrust their brand to us is delivered using stringent quality assurance measures, in a typically Swiss approach.

The relocation of the Sunray and Chocolats Halba manufacturing companies to the new Coop site at Salina Raurica has resulted in these two units being concentrated in organizational terms as of 1 September 2017. The first Chocolats Halba/Sunray's Sustainability Report 2018 is online and provides information on the successes and challenges of its sustainability commitment.



Quality assurance

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